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 369 HBF Car No 860871 - History & Pictures of Restoration 1978 -'80

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PostSubject: 369 HBF Car No 860871 - History & Pictures of Restoration 1978 -'80    Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:02 am

Some History on the Car 369 HBF - 860871

I think Ive said elsewhere but the car is obviously the 871st RHD FHC built after the prototype.

It was sold September 25th1962 this car is an original UK right hand drive car

I have the original green registration document and all the owners listed so will be writting to them all for some info. Hopefully some will be alive and wont have moved I thinks its had 1 owners before restore who has in his time of ownership resprayed it from Opalesent Silver Blue to Red the car was then bought off in a delapidated condition and restored by the last but one owner.

The guy who restored it was Mr John Light from the West Midlands he bought this

After it had been standing while Sad

I find it hard to believe that a 16yr old car looks so bad what happened to it Question Question

JL was a Multi Millionaire and gave the car to R N Upton (Dick) to restore from what Ive heard through speaking to the last owner and R N Upton Engineers in the Midlands. Though I spoke to the man who was apprentice when this car was restored but he did remember it, and now owns the company. He did remeber JL and knows the guys I bought it off.

So what was done.

Engine Rebuilt - As engine plaque proves

Gearbox Rebuilt
Rear Axle Rebuilt
Brakes Replaced
Suspension Replaced

Interior Retrimmed

Then the car went to Brooklyn garage for its new coat of paint.

As you can see in the initial the car is red but originally the car Opalesent Silver Blue

Unfortuanatly JL passed away about 3yrs ago and his wife new Tony Harrison actually you can stand TH conservatory and see the Hall JL used to live in through the trees at the end of his garden. TH also has a S3 OTS so I expect they car together they were good friends.

TH as I expext some of you will know owns Harrison Commercials in the Midlands he also is and X racing driver for Hill Climbs \Car Trials and last but not least he owned Lightweight 2 GXO


Xke Data

Wheels Bought

Read about 6" from bottom if you dont want to read the whole lot... Smile

Anyway as it says in XKE Data its mentioned in a couple of books

So just to finish off 2 GXO TH advised me he bought the car about £5k and as you can read raced it on hill climbs neither he or his wife liked it so it went into Birmingham Science Museum BSM. TH decided to sell this car which upset the BSM as they had to move everything to get it out. Anyway the car was sold for about £36k. When I was taking coffee with Tony he said he was kicking himself now as there are worth large sums of money Crying or Very sad

So anyway he had my car for about 3yrs which through research from the MOT electronic database has been in his store with all his other cars. Some years it has done as litlle 7 miles and on busy years 93miles so sad. The first day I had it I did 114miles no problem smoker

Since 2007 its done 45 miles and that included my test drive Shocked

So thats what I know on the car its previous last couple of owners after restoration if you know anything about this car pre restoration '78 please contact me I would like to create a full history on this car.

After all the typing here are a few of the restoration pics...... Wink

Dick Upton cleaning it down here

Prepping for respray

Not a quick job, as you guys will know

Some paint and rebuilding _ Brooklyns Truck in one of the Pics Smile

Respray and Engine Work

Putting in the glass

New interior - Even though its a '62 it didnt get an ally dash scratch

Off to be delivered the finnished article Very Happy

I hope you have enjoyed the History of my car and dont forget if you previously owned it Please contact me Very Happy


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Posts : 3001
Join date : 2009-11-16
Age : 51
Location : E. Lancashire : UK

PostSubject: Re: 369 HBF Car No 860871 - History & Pictures of Restoration 1978 -'80    Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:27 pm

When my JDHT certificate arrived recently there was some interesting facts on it:

1970 4.2 420G -17th from last RHD -Reggie
1970 4.2 420G -13th from last RHD -Ronnie
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369 HBF Car No 860871 - History & Pictures of Restoration 1978 -'80
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